GENRE: Racing
PUBLISHER: Square Enix
DEVELOPER: Milestone S.r.l
REVIEWED ON: PlayStation 4
AVAILABLE FOR: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Gravel is fast, bright and hectic in the arcadey mould of SEGA Rally.

Yet the expansive career mode, extensive track list and detailed tuning options puts it right up there with modern racers like Project Cars or Forza.

It might not have the same flair (what's with the godawful TV characters?) but by encouraging players to be both impetuous and skillful, Gravel hits on a winning formula, and one that even manages to provide the now customary rewind feature with a meaningful weight not often found elsewhere - redo and rescue your race position but at the cost of valuable style points.

With gritty, challenging opponents, engaging race venues and satisfyingly tight controls, Gravel is a plucky young upstart well worth checking out.

Summary: Recommended for fun, accessible racing with real depth

SCORE: 8/10