GENRE: Adventure
PUBLISHER: Kongregate
AVAILABLE FOR: Android, iOS, PC, Switch
PRICE: £11.99

As a penniless wanderer making landfall in The Trail: Frontier Challenge, you have one thing to do: push the thumbstick forward and hike to the next camp.

A diverse collection of gaming elements spring up to surround your foot-pounding, from crafting or cooking to completing challenges and earning upgrades, but The Trail is unusual in amounting to little more than an almost crude simulation of walking outdoors. You'll see forests and mountains, snowdrifts and rivers.

You can chop trees, hunt rabbits or gather berries. But, essentially, all you'll really be doing is pushing the thumbstick forward and hiking to the next camp.

It could have been a charming, hypnotic handheld diversion, but sadly the jerky frame rate ruins the experience.

Summary: A good walk spoiled by poor performance

Score: 7/10