GENRE: Interactive fiction
AVAILABLE FOR: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch
PRICE: £15.99

Mulaka is a pleasant discovery; a Zelda-type adventure that distinguishes itself with its own unique style - inspired by the ancient history of northern Mexico (which most obviously leads to roaming craggy desert environments that do threaten to dry up the visual appeal, but then your quest to restore peace to the Sierra fortunately often veers off for visits to dense settlements or wonderous mountain waterfalls).

Sadly, given such promise, the combat is loose and lightweight, leaving your historic hero feeling more of a hit-and-hoper, though the ability to loose unlimited long-range attacks opens up some tactical choice.

But the biggest drawback is the juddery frame rate that, at its worst, undermines the distinctive, purposefully characterful angular visuals.

Summary: An attractive, unusual adventure with below-par playability.

Score: 7/10