Genre: Action

Platform: Xbox 360

Publisher: 505 Games

Classification: 7+ (PEGI)

There we were flying through the clouds with houses below dotting the otherwise unblemished patchwork quilt of fields. The plane engines noise is penetrating the silence and stillness that would otherwise have been deafening within its own rights. Somehow we manage to soar up here despite having the pride of a nation and the freedom of a continent resting on our shoulders.

Our formation is perfect and we are poised, ready for anything that may come our way. Next thing we know Gerry are on the horizon, so increasing the throttle we fly quickly and bravely into the face of danger. Shells from enemy planes whiz past with a whistle whilst the cannons returning fire create a terrifying roar of death.

It’s the fact that IL-2 Sturmovik can create visions like this in your mind and draw you in as a player that makes it so good. The eruption of the engines, the stillness of the skies and the fierceness of enemy fire is so well brought to life by the fantastic sound that accompanies the gameplay and fantastic visuals.

Cut scenes of footage from the war are spliced between missions that show the RAF struggle during this troubled time. A narrator informs the viewer of what the current situation is whilst reading extracts of real soldiers accounts.

The control system generally isn’t too bad, but the targeting of enemy planes can often be frustrating, clumsy and finicky.

Despite being made by Gajin Entertainment, a Russian development team, IL-2 Sturmovik is the kind of fighter jet game that makes you proud to be British, and consequently makes you want to play it.

SCORE: 7 / 10