Platform: Xbox 360

Publisher: Microsoft

Genre: Platform

The release of Twisted Pixel’s Ms Splosion Man is like the Xbox LIVE equivalent of a new Scorsese film hitting the picture houses. The expectation, hype and buzz surrounding the release is sky-high – there's just not quite so many (or any) gangsters involved.

Splosion Man has always been one of our favourite download titles, one we’ve always regarded as a can’t miss game. But times have changed and things have moved on. We wouldn’t advise Splosion Man anymore – Ms Splosion Man is superior in every way.

Sploding is basically a jump; something that can be done three times and must be timed perfectly to get the maximum height and trajectory. This becomes crazy-fun in multiplayer when up to four players can tie their splosions together to travel even further.

Great fun platforming action that requires an insane level of skill and precision, Ms Splosion Man is long and rich with features, content and challenging puzzles. It’s not easy, but it is rewarding.

The key element which holds the package together is the humour. The little one liners that Ms Splosion Man spouts never seem forced, but genuine, spot-on hilarity.

With improved graphics, level design, and stepped-up difficulty – Ms Splosion Man will occasionally make you want to splode all over your Xbox 360.

SCORE: 9 / 10