Platform: Xbox 360

Publisher: Halfbrick

Genre: Arcade

Ever fancied hacking at melons, lemons and all other types of fruit with your body? Course you have. As well as being a quick way to prepare a fruit salad, it’s also a fantastically messy and destructive way of having a laugh.

For those unacquainted with the brutal world of produce pounding known as Fruit Ninja, it took the world by storm by giving players a challenge with a simple premise. Fruit flies up in the air, and players swipe at a touchscreen device to slice it in half.

Now, thanks to the awesome technology of the Xbox 360 Kinect, this simple game is ready to make its transition from portable devices to fully-fledged games consoles. This is a shift many of us would welcome as it gives us an excuse to flap our entire bodies around like electrocuted madmen instead of using just our finger.

The core aim of Fruit Ninja is to rack up a high score by successfully slicing fruit and for obtaining combos in doing so. With a versus mode, a classic mode and some single player championships, players will be busting their moves in front of the Kinect to achieve the best score possible and to climb leaderboards.

A reward system is in place that provides an incentive for doing well. New backgrounds, blades and avatar features are awaiting seasoned ninjas who have perfected their Daniel Larossu style crane kick.

Other than that, there’s not really much to it. It’s simple, works accurately, and is a great a way to kill a bit of time – and a bit of fruit.

Fruit Ninja is the fourth game in the stellar Summer of Arcade for Xbox LIVE, and although it’s probably the weakest and less fleshed out of them all, it’s still plenty of fun. This is cheaper than the other games so far, and at 800 Microsoft Points, there’s never been a better time to get fruity.

SCORE: 5 / 10