Reviewed On: Xbox 360

Available For: PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360

Publisher: Bethesda

Developer: Bethesda

Genre: Role-Playing Game

Age: 18 (PEGI)

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FORGET about Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Francis Drake, they’d both get lost in the massive world of Skyrim, and despite their awesome power, they’d probably get viciously beaten and flame grilled by a furious dragon. As mighty as they were – they were no dragonborn.

But not many people in this huge world are dragonborn, and that’s what makes our main hero so special, the fact he or she can slay dragons and absorb their soul. A prophesied saviour to the people and an inspiration to all, it’s a true joy to play as this person.

But what’s this hero like exactly?

Just how you want them to be.

With an intricate and in-depth character creation tool and a skill tree that literally sculpts the hero to your liking, no two heroes are likely to be the same.

And with so much to get involved in, it’s likely no two heroes’ adventures will be the same either.

You could spend an eternity here, following the main plotline, engaging in sidequests and activities, or just wandering around talking to townsfolk about their joys and woes. You could flit away time and hard found resources on smithery or alchemy or you could even go out hunting to improve your archery skills.

The characters of Skyrim aren’t the stars of the show – it’s Skyrim itself.

From the rolling meadows carpeted with luscious grass, to the deathly mountain peaks shrouded in often blinding snow.

Each and every location is a beauty to behold and usually very different to the next. It’s a medieval inspired fantasyland, bound to entice even the most disconcerting connoisseur.

The plentiful, and I really do mean plentiful, dungeons are like big spiralling mazes, none of them, even the earlier ones are particularly small. It’s easy to get lost, or just to wander off on an explorative journey.

Both real-life and fantasy-based fauna walk, crawl, run, or slither across each square mile of the busy terrain. From harmless grazing deer to beastly dragons that would burn a hole through the Devil himself, it’s got it all, and it’s got it in abundance.

The menus play a large part in Skyrim as players will spend many hours in them, juggling their items, changing their weapons or equipping their magic.

Thankfully as well as being intuitive in how they work, they spring up on screen without delay, creating a smooth and ever flowing experience.

There’s just so much to do and see in Skyrim, and the things pointed out in this review are just a small handful. If you want a game to submerge yourself in, something that will truly consume you, then look no further – the world of Skyrim is your beautiful, epic and fauna infested oyster.

SCORE: 9 / 10

PROS: A massive open world with no lack of things to do. A great skill-tree and plenty of character classes to choose from.

CONS: The world is so big, it can be a touch overwhelming. Friends and family won't see you for days, week's, months, possibly even years.