Reviewed On: Xbox 360

Available For: Xbox 360

Publisher: Microsoft

Developer: Microsoft

Genre: Action

Age: 7 (PEGI)

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It's Fable but not as we know it. The characters, the places and everything are Fable at heart, but the general appearance and outer glow is a lot softer and cutesy.

Things kick off with a team of four Fable dolls romping through a side scrolling village, slicing mercilessly at fiends and beasts - again, not surprisingly from the Fable series. Monies are collected, paths are chosen, and nasties are pounded. Depending on which path the player chooses determines whether they get a mini-game or an end of level guardian.

Afterwards the dolls are transported to the board where rolls of the dice randomly decide where they land. Coin can be used to purchase new attacks and abilities. New parts of the board are unlocked by meeting specific criteria during play.

Then it's over to the level selection where old villages can be re-visited or new ones selected. Those familiar with the world of Albion will recognise the places straight away.

Apart from the catch of upgrade hoarding and the ability to role with up to three friends online, there's no real depth to Heroes. There may be different dolls, moves and mini-games, but the majority of gameplay consists of button mashing.

The fact that players can transfer goodies to Fable: The Journey when it’s released, will no doubt keep many people playing beyond the point of boredom - all so they can reap the rewards later.

It's harmless fun that younger audiences will enjoy and Fable fans will respect.

SCORE: 6 / 10

PROS: It manages to be family friendly whilst being porn to Fable fans.

CONS: It's mind-numbly repetitive.