THE fun just keeps building – and so does the selection of fantastic LEGO games.

It’s been seven years since Travellers Tales laid the original foundations with LEGO Star Wars, cementing themselves firmly into the hearts of gamers of all ages. With their treasure trove of collectibles, their quirky humour, and their simple style of play, they’ve become a firm family favourite.

Staying true to the series’ structure, play hasn’t changed a great deal over the years, just a few additions with each and every instalment. With Batman 2 however, there’s one major difference.

The LEGO characters have always been famous for their silent humour, carried across by their facial expressions and body movement. It’s always been at the heart of these plastic wondergames, providing the audience with its trademark charm. But things move on. So now, for the first time ever, the Characters have voices. But because of the great scripting and brilliant delivery, the series amazingly manages to retain its comical prowess.

Tier 2 in the LEGO Batman saga kicks off with Bruce Wayne at an award ceremony with Lex Luther. When the Joker decides to drop by and pay them a visit, Lex ceases his opportunity to clone the gas the Joker uses and use it for his own evil deeds.

Using Gotham City as the main hub for the levels, players will unlock parts of it through play, with the whole of Gotham City becoming open at the end. It’s a beautifully atmospheric environment that’s just how one would envision the crime-riddled city to look.

As ever, there’s a whole bunch of playable characters to unlock and utilise, each with their own abilities. But as well as the bevy of DC stars to choose from, Batman and Robin can also change their suits, enabling them to do different things.

Apart from that, not much has changed.

Blocks still need to be broken, collectibles hoarded, puzzles solved, bad guys beaten, and levels replayed. But the new features do add a fresh twist, and the famous style of play that hasn’t subsided in any way, is just as engrossing as it was seven years ago.

Not revolutionary but expertly refined, the fun hasn't faded - it really has kept building.

Rating: 8/10