It’s been a series of ups-and-downs – an emotional roller-coaster for our young heroine Clementine who’s not only trying to discover who she can trust, but she’s also trying to work out which kind of person she is and whether she’s got what it takes to survive in this zombie-infested world. 

While some episodes earlier in the season may have had a different pace in order to provide characterisation and suspense, the action has been taken to nose-bleed inducing heights. 

Every choice is a moral dilemma, and every dilemma has consequences which pull viciously upon the heartstrings like a wild dog playing a game of tug-of-war.

Season 2 introduced what is mostly a brand-new cast, and consequently the outcome of the characters didn’t tend to matter quite so much. But as time forged the band of survivors together, and as Tell Tale Games expertly padded out the characters, it’s been hard not to feel for every brother and sister in the pack. 

Every one of the difficult choices in No Going Back is tough, and everyone has a bearing on which of the seven endings the player sees.

Not only do the in-episode choices have a reflection on the outcome, but also the choices made in previous episodes also |echo throughout.

Where the greatest fear was once being eaten by a zombie, that fear has been replaced by the distrust and the crumbling of relationships within the group – something that will instead eat at you psychologically. It’s painful to see the group bicker – it’s agony to have to take sides.

It may only last a couple of hours, but that’s enough to draw the audience in closer than they’ve ever been before.

Tell Tale Games have created a bleak world in which human nature is thrown into the forefront and questioned continuously.

Although often difficult to watch because of the bond formed with the others, a great deal of intrigue is created into what people would be capable of under such extreme conditions – something this gaming franchise has been slowly winding its way to since the very first episode.

The finale was always going to have to pack a punch, especially so it wouldn’t pale in comparison to the original season’s explosive finale, but No Going Back manages to deliver that killer hit, one which would take a zombie’s head clean off its shoulders.

It’s full of emotion, consequence, and gives players something to take away for the weekend, regardless of which of the endings they get.

SCORE: 10/10