Ever since I was a child I wanted to ride a speeder bike though the lush forests of Endor, zipping through trees, over rocks, and through canyons.

I've now done it!

All my life I wanted to fly through the skies of Tatooine in an x-wing, blasting Imperial fleet tie fighters out of existence while taking in the beauty of the planets three moons.

I've done that too!

At the time of going to print, I've only had an evening with Star Wars Battlefront, but I've already fulfilled so many of my childhood dreams.

Both of the aforementioned scenarios occurred whilst playing through through 'Tutorials' mode. During that time I also commanded an AT-ST protecting an AT-AT, stormed a rebel base as Darth Vader and more.

I even played through some of these scenarios multiple times - the speeder bike scene at least 20.

Because Battlefront doesn't have a campaign mode, I'm assuming these tutorials are merely preparing me for the online multiplayer, where presumably these vehicles will be used.

Also in the missions menu is 'Battles' mode, which I dipped my feet into to blast AI controlled (or player controlled if you'd prefer) stromtroopers in the the face.

Still to explore is 'Survival Mode' and the main event - 'Multiplayer'. We'll crack on with those and will bring you a review shortly.