NOT happy with the success they’re finding from the Borderlands first-person shooters and the comic books and novels which accompany them, Gearbox have teamed up with Telltale Games, the King Midas of narrative-lead point-and-click adventures.

The universe of Borderlands is becoming bigger and better than anyone could ever have hoped.

Taking place after the events of Borderlands 2, the story follows two individuals whose paths cross. Both Rhys and Fiona have their own tales to tell, and both often have very different memories of the events which intertwine. It’s a story from different perspectives which combine – much like a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Rhys is a charismatic and well loved Hyperion worker who has been beaten to a promotion which clearly should have been his.

In a bid to change his employer’s minds, he hatches a plan which involves him taking a trip to the badlands of Pandora – the world vastly explored in previous Borderlands games.

On Pandora, Rhys’ path crosses with Fiona, a female and futuristic version of The Artful Dodger.

She’s a strong but devious lady who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty – she’s also the second player controlled character.

Things take a move from the seriousness and sadness of The Walking Dead or the dark and gritty ambiance of The Wolf Among Us, instead Telltale have stayed true to their source material and have created a quirky, and genuinely funny script capable of making even the most sour-faced bore-monger crack a smile.

People won’t necessary need to have experienced Borderlands already to enjoy Zer0 Sum, it works as its own story.

However, some of the jokes which make reference to the series may be lost on newcomers.

Play comes in the same format we’ve come to expect – plenty of well scripted and fantastically performed dialogue interlaced with quick decision making and a series of on-screen button commands which need to be replicated.

It’s a tried and tested template – one which Telltale Games get right every time.

The leap in technological power to the Xbox One is blisteringly evident as graphical detail is packed to the rafters, whilst obvious tweaks to the engine are felt through the fact that Zer0 Sum is virtually glitch free – the only thing which let The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us down.

Tales from the Borderlands oozes charm, wit and quirky storytelling which don’t just do the series justice – it does it proud.

Ian Crump

SCORE: 9/10