IT starts with a weak storyline, and some clichéd ramblings about future soldiers protecting one of their colonised planets from an invasion of monsters. It was dull, but thankfully short.

The wafer-thin storyline plays second fiddle to what Turtle Rock’s new firstperson shooter is really about – multiplayer. Sure, gamers can kick it alone, but without others the experience is stale and lifeless.

Evolve is, in essence, a four-on-one game, with four different play modes.

Hunt is no doubt the meat of the proceedings, with up to four players teaming up to take out a monster controlled by AI or another player.

Controlling the beast usually means a premature death at the hands of the hunters, but if players can evolve, there’s every chance they can put up a good fight.

Nest sees the monster battle to protect its eggs while a group of hunters are hell-bent on making an omelette out of them.

In a clever twist, monsters have the option to crack open an egg and free a fellow nest defending minion.

Defend mode is essentially Nest, but in reverse, with Hunters protecting something from the monsters.

Rescue requires players to take control of hunters and do their best to rescue people from the hideous jaws of the monster.

All modes come together in a chain of rounds known as Evacuation, a tournament which evolves with each result, rewarding winners with kit or map enhancements which can either aid or hinder.

Evolve has enough unique features to hook any lover of multiplayer games; it won’t however captivate anybody else for too long. SCORE: 7/10