WHEN most children are forced to take up an instrument at school, you tend to get a few weeks of screeching violin practice before it sits in the attic collecting dust.

However for Southampton starlet Rosie Anne Storer it was a different matter.

After picking up the recorder, she realised she had a talent for it and moved on to other instruments including the keyboard.

“It meant that I could accompany myself and still concentrate on singing,” she said.

As her tastes and influences began to change and lean more toward rock, she wanted to move away from her classical roots and make a different sound.

After being taught a few chords on her guitar, Rozii Chaos, as she is now known, was born.

At the age of 19, Rozii has already released an EP, Sweet and Tempered, worldwide as well as cover track Somebody To Love which was released by Out Of The Box Records.

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson also made a surprise visit to her recording studio, sharing anecdotes from his three decades in the business.

A chance meeting with Lembit Opik, who now handles her marketing and PR, led to an image change and a growing fanbase.

Going from dark haired girl-next door to blonde bombshell clad in leather, Rozii has seen her Facebook fansite rise from 8,000 to over 22,000 followers.

“The most important thing with the image is people feel they should know me.

“My fan base has basically tripled.

“If I have to change my hair colour for that, then so be it,” she said.

Roz i i ’ s l a t e s t single T h e Beginning of the End, is set to be released in the c o m i n g month and she plans to have an album ready by Christmas.