THEY put pop into folk music and became stars of the sixties.

Infectious Dubliners’ numbers like Seven Drunken Nights, Whisky In The Jar and The Wild Rover are timeless hits.

When founding member Barney McKenna died it was feared that it would be end of the road for The Dubliners.

But their rich musical legacy lives on through The Dublin Legends who are making their debut at Eastleigh’s Concorde Club on February 19.

Eamonn Campbell joined The Dubliners in 1987 and from that time produced all the band’s albums.

From his home in Ireland, Eamonn spoke to Duncan Eaton ahead of the band’s Concorde gig.

Q: What has been the secret of the band’s longevity?

A: In 2012 we celebrated 50 years. The group never planned far ahead. We took one year at a time also we very seldom socialised with each other.

Q: When founding member Barney McKenna sadly died did you think that might be end of The Dubliners?

A: Well Barney’s motto had been “It’s too late to stop now” so, while possibly in the immediate aftermath of his death, the thought may have arisen, we decided to carry on with the tours in 2012.

Q: There is a new face in your line-up, Paul Watchorn. How did that come about?

A: Patsy Watchorn decided he needed to take a long break from touring and we asked his brother Paul to join. Paul is a very accomplished five-string banjo player and a great singer, so he fit in perfectly.

Q: Do you still enjoy touring and what is the age group of your audiences?

A: Yeah, touring becomes a way of life. It’s great to meet our fans, old and new, all over Europe. What’s amazing us is on the continent 70 per cent of our audiences are in their 20s and 30s. So there’s still life in the old dogs yet.

Q: What is the most requested Dubliners’ song?

A: Whiskey In The Jar, 7 Drunken Nights and The Wild Rover.

Q: What is your favourite Dubliners’ tune?

A: I’d have to say The Irish Rover which we recorded with The Pogues in 1987 and featured on Top of The Pops. I organised, arranged and produced it. It brought The Dubliners to a whole new audience.

Q: Are the band still writing songs and are any new albums planned?

A: Funnily enough, we’ve never written any songs and as regards a new album I’m trying to convince the others to get off their backsides and do it!

  •  The Dublin Legends, formerly The Dubliners, at The Concorde, Eastleigh on February 19. For more details ring 023 8061 3989 or log on to