SUPERGROUP McBusted are set to end their latest arena tour at the BIC with shows on Monday and Wednesday of next week.

And as they head to the south coast, band member Matt Willis spoke exclusively to the Daily Echo about the excitement of touring again; his marriage to The Voice and Big Brother presenter Emma Willis and how a stint in a Bournemouth rehab centre transformed his life.

Talking about the latest tour Matt Willis, 31, said: “It’s been great. We are getting a lot more ambitious and we are trying to make it the biggest and best tour we possibly can. It’s like a full-on 90’s boy band arena tour.

“It’s a really big production. We are lucky enough that we did really well with the first tour last year so this time we are making sure we don’t just settle for what we did before but do something that keeps the fans coming back. We wanted to do something epic!

“Fans have been tweeting messages like ‘it was the most amazing night of my life!’ so we want to make sure we do our very best.

"We travel with 12 trucks of equipment so you can tell how big it is and Bournemouth is the smallest arena venue so it was one of my favourite shows last time. We are really looking forward to coming back!”

In 2005 Matt – who won I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here a year later – admitted himself to The Priory for alcohol abuse. A year later he returned to battle his issues with cannabis and in 2008 he went back once more after a wild night out with Amy Winehouse.

Matt is open about his battle with drink and drug addiction and says he has put all his troubles behind him, thanks to the help he received at The Providence Projects in Boscombe, Bournemouth.

“I’ve been clean and sober for five years now. It’s one of those things you never really forget and it’s constantly the most important thing to me in a way. It sounds very selfish but without that everything else falls apart, but I’m at the point where I don’t have to try hard.

“I did rehab in Boscombe at The Providence Projects. It’s a great place. I had a life-changing experience there. I’ve been to three rehab centres but I can’t speak highly enough about it – it’s perfect! I found it very humbling.

"People always check into the Priory. I went two or three times but I never really settled in. Then I met someone there who recommended the place at Bournemouth. It was a bit more real to me. It was much more about getting people sober and keeping them sober.”

When he went for treatment he says it was very much his decision. “I went for a month. I was getting married and left four days before my wedding day.

“It’s been reported that my wife told me to go but it was very much my choice.”

So why does he think he has these addictions?

“I don’t know and don’t really care, but that’s the way it is and that’s what I’ve had to realise and no amount of looking into it will change that.

“Also I’m glad that’s the way it is: I feel I’m a much better man having gone through that and I’ve found people want to stick by me.”

Matt is the proud father of two children, Isabelle and Ace. Had becoming a father helped him to stay out of trouble?

“Becoming a dad, it’s the most incredible thing and I love it.”

Had he worried about the temptations to party on tour?

“We are a very sober band. Me and Duggie have been through rubbish. He doesn’t drink. Danny has a beer occasionally but is not usually a big drinker – and it’s never pushed in my face.”

Was it difficult juggling his and Emma’s careers with parenthood?

“My wife Emma is presenting The Voice at the moment and that’s taking much of her time, and she has two other TV shows coming out.

"Things are great. Unfortunately my job’s annoying because it takes me away from home and no matter how much you try to explain that you can’t.

"It’s one of those things and we make things work for the family. We have become brilliant at making diaries – Emma’s amazing at it; I’m terrible! She’s very good at balancing her job with being a mother. She sees the kids every day.

"She’s incredible. If she isn’t working she’s with her kids – she has no other interests. I love the gym and motorbikes and have these other things but if she’s not working she wants to be with the kids.”