THERE was no Donny but Osmondmania reached fever pitch as three members of pop’s most famous family took Eastleigh by storm.

It was a major coup for The Concorde where The Osmonds rounded off their mini UK tour before flying back to the States.

They will soon be returning to these shores to star in the Andy Williams Christmas Spectacular, featuring music from the legendary crooner’s iconic festive TV shows.

Eastleigh was one of only three dates on Merrill, Jimmy and Jay’s whistlestop itinerary.

Tickets had been flying off the shelf ever since it was announced that The Osmonds were coming to town.

Fans started queuing before the Sunday morning streets were aired to catch an early sight of their idols.

Later an army of die-hard fans – many sporting Osmond T-shirts and carrying vinyl LPs of the family’s hits for signing – packed the Stoneham Lane club to pay homage to the seventies chart icons who started as a barbershop quartet.

And they were not disappointed as the brothers showcased their classic hits including Love Me For A Reason, Crazy Horses, Let Me In, The Proud One, One Bad Apple, Down By The Lazy River and Having A Party.

The Osmonds have sold more than 100 million records, scooping more than 400 gold, silver and platinum records.

Up to now the closest that Osmond fans had come to their idols was through posters on bedroom walls in teenage years.

Suddenly those images became the real deal as Jimmy, Jay and Merrill dived into the audience to mingle with and hug fans. Mobile phone cameras went into overdrive.

The Osmonds brought along their own home movies with footage of their spectacular rise to fame. And the family’s appearances on those classic Andy Williams’ TV spectaculars were also beamed onto the stage backcloth during the Concorde show.

It might have sounded a cheesy tune but Long Haired Lover from Liverpool was enough to give Jimmy Osmond a Christmas number one in the early seventies.

He was then only nine and is still in the Guiness Book of Records for being the youngest performer to have a top single in the UK charts.

Early in the week he told millions of BBC breakfast viewers that he tried to avoid singing the novelty number.

But there was no escaping his pop past as he announced that he was going to make The Concorde rock with a blast of that Long Haired Lover From Liverpool.

Jimmy, who at 52 is the youngest Osmond, said he was proud of the family brand.

Judging by the reaction of the Concorde audience, who gave the brothers a standing ovation, the Osmond brand still has the seal of approval.