PIONEERING dance band System 7 play a live set at The Talking Heads tonight in celebration of the release of their new album X-Port.

Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy continue to play festivals and events including Glastonbury, Japan's Fuji Rock Festival, Italy’s Sonica Festival and Hungry’s Ozora festival.

System 7’s Steve Hillage played guitar with Mike Oldfield (Tubular Bells), in Planet Gong on the revered ambient opus Rainbow Dome Musick and displays a cutting experimental edge that runs through System 7’s work including championing and creating early on with Detroit's Techno godfather Derrick May on the Mysterious Traveller and seminal Fire and Water's dual albums, which had a marked influence on the electronic artists that followed.

Steve Hillage has also produced Simple Minds albums Sons & Fascination and Sister Feelings Call, which featured their classic instrumental Themes For Great Cities, which would later become a defining Balearic anthem championed by the likes of Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling.

The System 7 X-Port album which is simultaneously released with Mirror System’s N-Port album also celebrates the 21st Anniversary of the release of System 7’s seminal System 7 'Fire' and 'Water' dual albums.

X-Port presents a unique combination of techno and trance beats and live musicianship and is the first full System 7 studio album release since Up in 2011 and features collaborations with Alex Paterson (of The Orb), Japanese band Rovo and DJ/Producer James Monro.