HAMPSHIRE singer songwriter Daniel Eagle has unleashed a new album and has singles charting on iTunes.

In an occasional series, we catch up with the musician turned radio presenter and talent booker.

(Q) When did your interest in music begin? (A) “When I was a small boy I loved watching film musicals with my grandparents - slightly unusual for an eight-year-old, but that instilled in me an appreciation of all types of music. I started to teach myself guitar, then at Brookfield School I took singing lessons, learned bass guitar and joined the school rock band.

(Q) When did you decide to make music your career? (A) “Straight after school I knew this was what I wanted to do, then during college I gigged everywhere and anywhere, building up contacts and experience. I worked really hard for seven years, practising, learning, trying new music and opportunities. There were times when I nearly gave up. You have to have a real passion for what you do, and be very committed and disciplined to succeed.”

(Q) So what encouraged you to keep going and not give up on the dream? (A) I think the turning point was a series of really good gigs, culminating in headlining Quay West Cave at Wickham Festival with my own band.

(Q) What other branches of the business have you diversified into? (A) I present a Sunday night programme In Session on Voice FM. This gives me the opportunity to feature other local artists and their music. I also have a booking agency, Zeus, to put musicians and venues together for gigs.

(Q) Who influences and inspires you? (A) Locally, Sean McGowan is a great inspiration.

(Q) Bring us up to date with your latest venture? (A) I’ve recorded the album Stolen Blankets and Broken Beanbags, which we launched at the Talking Heads in August. Two singles from the album, Rainbow Blues and Kelly have already been released and charted at No.2 on iTunes.

(Q) What are your hopes for the future? (A) Hopefully the album will do well, then I’d like to do a live U.K. tour and fill every venue.