ALAN Fitzpatrick played his homecoming show at Switch in Southampton last week, and the Daily Echo caught up with the techno DJ after the show.

Here, he talks about his career, inspirations and the dance music scene.

"One of my first ever 12” records was Underworld - King Of Snake," says the former Weston Park Boys School pupil. "But before that I had a cassette tape of a Madonna's The Immaculate Collection album.

"I got really interested in all types of dance music when I was at school, around the age of 13/14. Most of my spare time was spent listening to tape recordings from raves on my Walkman, and if I am honest that stretched into quite a bit of the time I should have been focusing on other things, like listening to my teachers in lessons and doing homework.

"I'd say I have the most admiration for the DJs and producers who were my original heroes.

"I religiously followed people such as Tony De Vit, Carl Cox and Sasha when I first caught the dance music bug and still hold them in the highest regard.

"Also Gaz White, who was a resident DJ at Slinky in Bournemouth, which is where most of my formative experiences of clubbing happened."

But it wasn't just dance music that inspired the father-of-two.

"I was, and still am, massively into 80s music and culture – plus indie music. My favourite radio stations in the the car and on Spotify are 80s synth pop and 90s to modern day indie and rock'n'roll.

"Anything from Spandau Ballet to The Arctic Monkeys, and The Blossoms to Bananarama.

"David Bowie and Prince are another two people I have taken huge inspiration from. They are my Gods, which explains why I have their portraits tattooed on my body!

"I'd love to collaborate with Liam Gallagher though – he's my greatest living hero! Or maybe Ben Howard – the guy is incredible. Or maybe both?!"

Alan, who is married to Gaynor and has an English Bulldog called Bentley, goes on to explain how he quit his job almost a decade ago to concentrate on his music.

"I've been writing and releasing music and Djing in clubs since my late teens, but I made music my job in 2010 after spending a couple of years working full time during the week and touring at the weekends.

"Big shout out to all the hard working folk at Old Mutual Wealth, formally Skandia. I miss you!!"