IT was an understated entrance as KT Tunstall opened with Little Favours the first track from her latest album.

The crowd had already been gently eased out of their Monday blues by camp choirboy looking Teitur who played intimately affectionate melodies well worth turning up early for.

Some artists have the same scripted add libbing between songs but KT's has to be the strangest, random ramblings ever concocted.

Before launching into the next track she mumbled some weird definition of Miniature Disaster likening it to the scenario of buying bad drugs and dropping your phone down the toilet-obviously not a catastrophe of biblical proportions but irksome none the less.

And it was this oddity that endeared her to the audience immediately.

It wasn't long before a few cheeky crowd members tried to match her kooky ways. One woman shouted Can I have your shoes?' While another asked can I have your shirt.

The singer songwriter could only jump to one conclusion - there was a conspiracy to get her kit off. KT politely pointed out if she were to donate her shoes she would no longer be able to reach the microphone and everyone would have wasted their money.

On the subject of the Scot's petite stature it was at times completely unbelievable that such a slight lass of pre-pubescent proportions could possible belt out crowd pleasers like Cherry Tree.

Midway through the 19-song set her rendition of Something Has to Give reduced the audience into a quiet hypnosis proving perhaps a lingering silence of complete and devoted attention proved to be a greater show of appreciation than a raucous cacophony of thunderous applause.