HE IS Mr Showbiz with a capital S – boasting all the sparkle, glitter and cheese that anyone could ever wish for.

Guaranteed to bring a smile to even the gloomiest of faces, An Evening with John Barrowman was a fabulous show filled with non-stop laughter and entertainment, bursting at the seams with sequins.

From Eurovision classics, to 80’s cheese and the latest chart topping hits, the 44-year-old actor, star of musical theatre, television judge and presenter, belted out all the tunes dressed in a suit laden with gems and sparkles for a full three hours.

Accompanied by his dancers and back-up singers, the J Four’s, and Jodie Prenger, winner of BBC1’s I’d Do Anything, every note was hit and in true Barrowman style when the J Four’s performed the Bucks Fizz classic Making Your Mind Up, both the girls and the men were stripped to their golden hot pants.

I have been to plenty of comedy gigs but no one has had me laughing out loud as much as he did.

Within minutes of him bouncing onto the stage my sister and I were crying with laughter as in between songs he shared tales and photographs of his childhood and showbiz antics.

The only criticism is that nothing much was done with the set – I had expected more glitz and glamour but to be honest, with Barrowman centre stage, there was plenty of sparkle to go around.

It was truly one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I cannot wait for his next tour.