“DON’T do it!” That’s the advice some ‘experts’ will be giving Eastleigh guitarist Nick Tann as he embarks on his latest creative project.

Their words, however, will fall on deaf ears as Nick has set his sights on recording a live solo studio album and releasing it on vinyl. No downloads, no CD, just two sides with one groove. Of course 50 years ago this was normal practice but in these times it can seem striking and bold. I love it.

“The digital world is fine in its place and I will return to it,” Nick told me. “This is a special project for me and I want the best quality.”

He currently has 33 great songs at his disposal and will whittle down the collection to the strongest 12.

The cost will be borne by 250 of his followers who are being asked to pay £10 up front for an exclusive copy of the album and their name on the cover.

It’s a great idea, especially if you have that many loyal fans, and it worked for Dlugokecki in 2008.

As Nick has cultivated a strong following online he should find this process relatively easy.

But for many bands their constant demands for voting requests, event notices and even gig attendance is straining the relationship with their supporters.

In fact ‘fan fatigue’ could soon be classed as a medical condition: only to be cured by switching the computer off, walking to the record player and spinning some quality vinyl.