Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle faces the wrath of her mother Charity when she leaves baby Moses unattended and he falls dangerously ill.

Debbie (Charley Webb) sneaks off for a romp with lover Ross Barton (Michael Parr) on a makeshift bed in the garage, and is unaware her fiance Pete Barton, Ross’s brother, has rushed Moses to A&E after finding he is running a high temperature.

Charley revealed: “Debbie feels a massive amount of guilt. She can’t bear it. She feels like if she’d have been there, she would have noticed that something was wrong with Moses. So she feels horrendous about everything.”

A nurse talks to Debbie Dingle about Moses in the hospital
Debbie is full of guilt when Moses ends up in intensive care (ITV)

Moses ends up in intensive care and needs an operation, so his mother Charity (Emma Atkins) is let out of prison to visit him. And she is not happy to see Debbie, who she had asked to care for her son.

Charley explained: “The situation is bad. There’s a problem with his stomach and he can’t digest his milk. So it’s all really worrying.

Emmerdale's Charity, played by Emma Atkins, confronts Debbie Dingle in hospital
Charity is angry with Debbie for letting Moses fall ill (ITV)

“Charity’s only thinking about herself and Debbie can’t be bothered to have a conversation with her. Debbie’s really cross – Charity hasn’t been in touch and she’s just dumped the baby on her and expected her to get on with it. So they do end up arguing.”

In the heat of the row Debbie tells Charity that Moses’ father deserves to know his baby is ill.

Viewers will see Charity make a call from the hospital payphone and tell her prison guard that someone is on their way. But is it the baby’s mystery father?

These scenes will air on ITV from Monday June 29, 2015.