THEY knew they’d be strutting their stuff, but what they didn’t know was that it would be for a celebrity judge.

Three dance schools from Southampton collided last weekend for a fun-filled competition at Oasis Academy in Sholing.

And while they practised their poppin’ moves, Darryl from Peridot popped in to score and award the talent displayed.

Peridot have enjoyed success as a street dance troupe on the semifinals of Britain’s Got Talent and Got to Dance as well as touring the West End and holding workshops.

Prodigy Dance joined Belinda’s Dance Academy and Street Beatz for a Sunday fun day of solos, disco pairs, street trios and teams which saw the talent take home trophies.

Organiser Belinda McClory prides its success on its universal appeal: “We aim to create competition in a fun, friendly environment where dancers can show their skills and enjoy themselves on the dance floor.”

There was terrific talent among the teams which saw X-tremly Cute, Decode and Elevation take the top spots, and surprise team Loud and Proud wowed the judge as a group of mums who had rehearsed to Shania Twain and Gangnam Style in secret.

The competition was aimed to be a practice for the big Portsmouth summer South Coast Street Dance Championships in July.