Unfamiliar as it might seem to start a review with the encore, Stevens' song Happy was a crowd pleaser that sent the audience away smiling and noticeably happy.

Guildford based singer songwriter Emma Stevens is a frequent visitor to Southampton’s shores playing support to numerous well established artists of high renown, including Jenn Bostic at Chapel Sessions and more recently linking up with Stu Larssen and Passenger right on our very doorstep.

Still personally amazed and grateful for last year's radio attention and the kudos and expectations it brings with it, her fans were in no doubt this lady has plenty more up her sleeve in the future with talk of working on new songs and plans for a second album.

Jack Williams' emotional songs followed by upbeat poignant songs from Ben Dlugokecki started the evening in fine form, both in awe of what was about to unfold from Emma and her full band.

Sam Whiting on lead guitar, a frequent accompaniment to Emma on previous support gigs but with a full band we were in for a musical treat having just been thrown tasters at previous gigs.

James Rees-Flynn on drums and keys, plus Bassist Pete Snowdon completed the lineup.

A gutsy, warm, funny and confident performance followed from Stevens with more time to spare and stories to unfold about their recent 20-gig UK tour taking in Scotland right down to her surfing paradise Devon and major cities in between.

This was the last night of the tour for the Party Girl and no doubt the first of many more in the future.

People of all ages were in the audience including a young girl who never stopped dancing and singing all evening, to uni age students seeking exam time inspiration and feel good factor, right the way through to my age and beyond.

Such is the appeal of Stevens songs and stage presence to appeal to everyone.

Multi-instrumentalist Emma packed fast paced, confident guitar, well loved banjo and lively ukulele seamlessly into the set backed up by layers of bass and percussion and twist of keyboard.

Stage presence and audience appreciation were right up there.

Well known radio play songs - Once, A Place Called You and the funky Riptide were brought to a new level but favourites from her four EPs, that went to form her debut Album Enchanted, really shone out with (Teach me to breath) Underwater - an intricate haunting arrangement for this surf loving singer.

There were the emotions flowing too with her sister in the audience listening to songs written after their mothers passing, giving a means of channeling grief that has since helped fans around the country and beyond, with the emotive, personal, heartfelt Sunflower perfectly accomplished and the Star that Guides You Home a perfect remedy.

Her co-songwriter Pete Woodroffe (who worked with Def Leopard) was also in the audience to witness the songs take on a new dimension.

Audience participation was very forthcoming, singing along with the empowering This Is For You - the crowd rocking on the bar stools and swaying along with the music.

Her after show meet and greet was a big part of the Emma Stevens experience and a chance to meet the band who had toured together and shared a lot on the road during the past months.

Southampton has a very special place in Stevens' heart after numerous support gigs.

This time she "sparkled" like no other and her smile said it all - for this DIY artist her first headline tour completed.

Festival time about to begin!

Sonja Davison