HE won the adoration of millions of fans worldwide with his song 'Puppy Love' but they have certainly not outgrown their love of the former teen idol Donny Osmond.

In fact, the legendary singer, performer and actor is embarking on his first solo concert tour of the UK in four years while celebrating a staggering 50 years in show business.

“The Soundtrack Of My Life” ten date UK arena tour will roll into the Bournemouth International Centre on Wednesday January 25 and there will be plenty to celebrate.

Donny, now 59, has sold over 100 million records, received 33 Gold records, had 3 UK No 1’s, 9 UK Top 10’s, 13 UK Top 40’s and spent a staggering 333 weeks in the UK charts and well as performing to millions of fans over his esteemed music career that spans five decades.

The BIC show promises to take "an intimate look at Donny’s most memorable and much loved moments in entertainment including his chart topping solo hits."

Earlier this year he released his 60th Album, The Soundtrack Of My Life, which features songs that are a summary of his extraordinary life so far. Each track tells a story, tracing the memorable moments of both his professional and personal life – from becoming a child star to achieving multiple No.1s, selling over 100 million records, and becoming a worldwide heartthrob.

He is taking time off from his number one Las Vegas show, where he has been awarded Best In Vegas five years in a row, to tour the UK.

So how does it feel to be a veteran of 50 years in showbusiness?

"It's really amazing, really I feel I’m only 29 inside! Although my wife Debra thinks I’m still in my teens!" said Donny, who turned 59 in December.

"I am thrilled and delighted to be coming back to the UK to perform. The UK audiences have always been very special to me. Once the British people welcome and accept you, they really do take you to their hearts and that is what makes performing a real joy when I come to the UK. I just can not wait to get on tour... My fans are so loyal and I appreciate them so much... Some have been with me for 50 years and I love them for that. This is my first solo concert tour of the UK in four years so it's going to be exciting."

The latest studio album "Soundtrack of My Life", which coincides with the tour and marks a major milestone in his career, is particularly special too.

"It's my 60th album so I wanted to do something special. I decided to do covers of songs that influenced me. I can't believe it's 45-years since Puppy Love and this is my 60th album.This being my 60th album, this one had to be special. I wanted these songs to mean a lot to me. So we did cover versions of songs that really influenced me in my life time. I had a list of over 300 songs I wanted to do and so had to cut them down a lot. The criteria was every song had to have a significant story behind it. So one of the first songs I had to do was My Cherie Amour. It was the very first song I ever bought on 45. Then I thought it would be amazing to get Stevie Wonder himself to play harmonica on this thing. I've know Stevie over the years, so I put a call in and he loved it and wanted to get involved. . It also includes the likes of Ben, I've Got You Under My Skin, Baby Love, The Long and Winding Road, Survivor and not least of all Moon River, a tribute to Andy Williams who gave me my first break . Andy gave me my debut when I was five years old... That defined my life."

This tour will be highly nostalgic and reflective as it looks back over his career.

"It's reflective of the last 50 years of my life... Of course it will include all the hits but the trick is to keep surprising and engaging the fans in the most exciting way possible."

Donny was incredibly young when he started out in the 60's with his brothers so how does he see that time now?

"It's only now looking back it retrospect that you realise how amazing it was.When I was nine we opened up for Nancy (Sinatra) and we were told that Frank Sinatra wanted to watch us perform. It's only now you think "Frank wanted to hear me sing?" That's kind of cool!

At the time he was just a peer but now I sit back and think, 'Frank Sinatra was a peer, really?' ...

It reminds me of another story. I was in France back in the '70s and there was a knock on the hotel room door. I open it and Paul McCartney is standing there with his daughter, Mary, who I guess was a huge fan back in the day. He says, 'Can I get your autograph please for my daughter?' and hands me a picture of myself. I put 'To Mary, Love Donny Osmond' and hand it back. He says, 'Thank you very much,' and the door closes. I'm standing there in shock. That was Paul McCartney who just asked for my autograph.

Fifteen years later, I'm in London and Paul happened to be in the same studio. ... I recounted the story and asked 'Did that really happen or did I dream it?' He said that not only did it happen, but 'Yours is one of the few autographs I have ever asked for in my life.'

While it is a staggering 45 years since a very boyish Donny had a smash hit with Puppy Love - a song that will forever be immediately associated with him, he says he still enjoys performing it and believes pop stars should treat their early chart-toppers with more respect.

But the former teen idol admitted he rejected the song at one point because he did not want to be pigeon-holed, but now he is grateful to have enjoyed such success.

“Puppy Love is probably the most recognisable song to a certain generation so why turn away from it?

I did for a while, but I realised it made me who I am today so why would I turn a blind eye to something so successful?

“Maybe one day Justin Bieber will sing Baby (his breakout hit) with more respect.

I understand what he’s going through though, when you start at such a young age and you get put in a box and want to back out.

“Justin Timberlake was in N Sync and did that silly stuff in a boyband, the same thing applied to me.

“It’s 45 years I’ve been singing that song, in a different key now mind you!”

The singer enjoyed a smash hit as a soloist with the ballad in 1972. He still performs it every night in his hit Las Vegas variety show with his sister Marie and said it reminds him of when he was at the height of his fame.

He said: “It’s a great memory, being in London in the 70s. It really does remind everyone of those innocent but hysterical years.”

Donny says he made it through child stardom relatively unscathed, but believes some performers who find fame too young are not cut out for it.

He said: “It has to do with family life. It is fraught with ups and downs and keeping forging ahead.

It’s a tough business to be in and some artists can’t handle it. I talked to Lionel Ritchie about this and what he said was quite profound – he said fame, in general, doesn’t change anyone, it amplifies them.

“I’ve been through peaks and valleys and I’ve come through relatively unscathed. There are some scars but they make you stronger.”

And the good news is Donny plans to carry on performing as long as audiences want to see him.

“As long as the ticker is still ticking I will never lose my passion. There is something invigorating about it, you manipulate people’s emotions and it is powerful, it is my drug of choice,” he said.

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