PICTUREHOUSE Cinemas are showing a season of films where women write, direct or take the lead.

Women have always been great storytellers. The word saga is also the name of the Nordic Goddess of Storytelling and Poetry, whose moniker we now use to describe a long, leisurely narrative.

When it comes to telling stories on film, women have always had their sleeves rolled up and Picturehouse Cinemas new season, Women’s Work, highlights the fruits of that labour and threads together a sorority of women and explores dimensions women bring to the big screen.

Women’s Work politely reminds us that movie making isn’t just a man’s game and women are as at large now as they were then. Hand-picked by the cinephile programmers of Picturehouse Cinemas, the selection reveres new films from intriguing new names such as directors Chloé Zhao (The Rider) and Deborah Haywood (Pin Cushion), and nods fondly to those who’ve paved the way such as legendary director Jane Campion (The Piano) and award-winning actors Glenn Close (The Wife) and Joanna Scanlan (Pin Cushion).