A WINCHESTER landlord has invited three Irish celebrities to join her staff and customers on St Patrick’s Day.

Ursula Haller of O’Neill’s made the request to Laura Whitmore, Brian O’Driscoll and Niall Horan in hope they will attend the festivities this Sunday.

Ursula said: “The pub always turns green for St Patrick’s Day, and we thought that Brian, Laura and Niall would love to be a part of that.

“It was tough whittling down the celebrities that we’d really like to come along, but topping our list it wouldn’t be St Patrick’s Day without a rugby legend – after all they do hold the Six Nations. On that score Brian O’Driscoll has to make the list!

“In addition, we’d love to invite Laura Whitmore, she’s the queen of Irish cool – she’d bring a chilled vibe to the evening which the people of Winchester would love.

“And who wouldn’t want Niall belting out a song during their St Patrick’s Day celebrations?”

Should they turn up, the famous trio will be able to join in with a range of activities, including live music and face painting.

She added: “We know that Dublin may be calling at this time of year, but if they can’t get back then they’re more than welcome to join us for a craic-ing time.”