HE'S a snooker legend, get him in there!

After winning yet another snooker title, Ronnie O'Sullivan has declared himself ready to take on the jungle.

He might even miss the UK championship next year to follow fellow champions Steve Davis and Jimmy White onto ITV's hit reality show I'm A Celebrity....Get Me Out Of Here.

Rocket Ronnie would definitely be on my dream I'm A Celebrity line-up.

Ant and Dec chose a strange threesome when asked who they'd most like to see eating wombats bottoms, having creepy crawlies join them in an enclosed space and jump out of the sky. They wanted to see Mr T, Tim Westwood and Peter Stringfellow get in on the action.

Top of my list would be one - or ideally both - the Gallagher brothers.

I'd have a fairly Southampton focused line-up, featuring both Matt Le Tissier and Craig David.

We could put royal bride to be Meghan Markle up against her country's top bod President Donald Trump. Well the jungle has featured plenty of politicians before and he does have reality TV history!

We'd need a troublemaker in the camp, perhaps along the lines of Piers Morgan or Katie Hopkins and I wouldn't mind seeing how glamour puss Victoria Beckham reacted to feasting on various bits of a crocodile and going without make up for weeks on end.

I dare say that line-up would raise the viewing figures somewhat.

Although ridiculously unachievable, it would be a corker of a line-up.

Mind you, I never thought I'd say that about this year's show, featuring a girl I've never heard of from Made in Chelsea, Boris Johnson's Dad and a wag.

It has been compulsive viewing, but I'm pretty sure my line-up would top it.

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