SITUATED just off of London Road, The Alex has the appearance of a traditional English pub, but the interior of a film buffs dreams.

Having been a constant presence in Southampton since 1875, The Alex used to be a hotel for out of town traders, now it has been transformed into a film lover’s paradise.

Since taking over in 2006, landlord Joe Khalil has replaced all the empty rum bottles which once sat on the shelf, with hoards of film memorabilia.

And to add to the retro vibe of the pub, The Alex has its very own retro gaming station, which includes a Sega Mega Drive, Super Nintendo and an N64, to name a few.

“We are a traditional British pub but with our own unique twist,” said Joe.

“Everything we do here we run it by our regulars first.

“So when we wanted to introduce the game station we tried it with them and they okayed it, same with the live music and the pool table.

“I really value our regulars and many of them have even seen my kids grow up, so it is like they are part of the family.”

Joe prides his trade on offering something for everyone, from lunch trade for local businesses to his Star Wars and Game of Thrones themed cocktails for students.

The Alex still has the heart of traditional English pub, but pushing it forward into the 21st century. Bar manager, Josh Tunstall, 22, said he has seen people from all walks of life come into the pub and everyone just seems to mix.

Daily Echo:

He said: “You can have a crowd watching the football, then students playing on the games consoles and a band playing and everyone just gets on with one another.

“There is just no other pub in Southampton like The Alex, it is a great place to work, and all the staff get on great. The regulars are always a really good laugh as well.”

From the outside The Alex may not look unique, but step through the door and you are transported into a pub with fun and family at its heart.

Offering real ales, house cocktails, food, live music and the perfect place to watch the football, the Alex really does have something for everyone.

  • The Alexandra, 6 Bellevue Road, Southampton, SO15 2AY,
  • 023 8033 5071