IF you’re looking for a pub with a bit of history then look no further than The Red Lion in Southampton’s bustling High Street. Dating all the way back to 1148 the walls of the building hold many secrets and tales, some stranger than others.

It is well known that Henry V held the trial of the three men who tried to assassinate him in the pub’s ‘Court Room’ which is a fine example of the half-timber structures of yesteryear. Prior to the King sailing to Agincourt from Southampton Richard, Earl of Cambridge, Lord Scrope of Masham and Sir Thomas Grey of Heton were all found guilty of trying to take the King’s life. The conspirators were found guilty and executed outside the Bargate in what is one of the most famous trials in this country’s history.

But not all the history here is so straightforward as landlord Tony Morris, 49, explains: “Apparently we’re supposed to have 21 ghosts,” he says with a hint of scepticism.

“We’ve had quite a few things go on such as seances as well as Meridian television doing features. They’ve had a few encounters, cameras switching on and off, etc, so they reckon we have something here.”

One sighting in particular seems to be causing quite a stir around the place. “A grey haired woman, about 60, walks through the bar and stands behind it. A lot of people say it was an old barmaid who fell down the stairs.

“They all describe the same person so there must be something in it.”

But the pub isn’t all about ghosts. Its interior holds many wonders dating back to a range of periods. While the cellar is Norman, the main pub exterior is of Tudor origin, while the back of the pub is less-excitingly from the 1950s. “It’s unique,”

said Tony.

“This pub is very different to what we’re used to,” says landlady Natasha, 31.

“There’s often the same usual regular in the pub perhaps.

Here you never know what’s going to happen from one day to the next and that’s the fun of it.”

With a range of popular traditional meals including fish and chips for £6.95 and homemade steak and ale pie for the same price as well as a couple of bed and breakfast rooms there is plenty of life in the old lion yet.

And with planning permission submitted for another ten bedrooms in the extension at the rear, it may even have a brighter future still.

But for now, it appears like they have certain regulars to worry about.