ONCE upon a time men drank ale.

They would while away afternoons in their local watering holes, putting away their favourite tipple out of heavy pint pots.

But in recent years it has become acceptable for guys to order cocktails and sip wine out of dainty glasses.

However, the Dolphin pub in St Denys is trying to turn back time with its beefy selection of traditional ales.

The brass taps that sit regimented on the solid wood bar disperse a variety of beers capable of putting hairs on your chest and inches on your gut.

Coloured like a peat bog, the smooth, heavy, surprisingly refreshing ales go down well with punters old and young alike.

The Dolphin attracts a variety of customers, from families with children to students and aged regulars.

The main bar area harks back to boozers of old, with dark wood floors, rickety furniture and dusty bric-a-brac hanging on the walls.

The pub has built a reputation as a live music venue, with bands taking to its small stage every Saturday night.

Outside in the colourful and well-kept garden an even larger stage is under construction as the pub looks to put on more gigs over the summer months.

The pub is also known for Timmy, the in-house magician with enough tricks up his sleeve to make David Blaine look like a bungling fool.

The Dolphin has only been open for a couple of weeks following a major renovation and refurbishment, but is already building a reputation in the community.

Combine that with plans to start serving homemade pub grub and the Dolphin looks like having a winning formula.

Plus with any luck it might also help men return to what they do best – enjoying a pint of hearty ale with their friends and family.

The Dolphin Pub,
30 Osborne Road South,
St. Deny's,