THREE of these tales were written for the occasion and of those the most striking is We’re All Dead by Jonathon Edgington, directed by Carl Browning, who also directs his own script – Ring of Roses.

Browning’s tale has possibilities but needs details, though it features Richard Patient, one of many new Maskers making a creditable debut.

Edgington’s idea is to present a man (Steve Clark) haunted by his younger self (Martin Kelly).

This piece is well paced, with an amusing opening featuring a drunken fellow “swinger”, wittily acted by Marie Macdade).

However, like all pieces here there are structural problems – with too many scenes for a short stage drama.

George Moody makes a welcome return to the stage in Look at Me, but newcomer Zoe Salanitro becomes the focus of interest and Leah Barlow does well as her cynical friend.

Moody also directs The Monkey’s Paw, which features an excellent performance by Marcus Kinsella.

The climax is somewhat muffed, as the ghastly apparition seems to come and go too quickly.