USING Joseph Hellier’s stage version of his novel, this production captures its spirit perfectly – mocking the absurd logic of war as characters feign or give way to extremes of eccentricity or madness induced by the pressure they’re under, or pursue their own agendas while blithely ignoring the horror of which they have become willing or unwilling participants.

Luke Nicholls makes an impressive début as the gleeful Colonel Cathcart, the commander of an air squadron based on the Mediterranean island of Pianosa.

Hoping to gain promotion, he keeps increasing the number of bombing missions his men have to fly, announced with great relish by the ghoulish Captain Black (Joe Buckingham), while Lieutenant Milo Minderbinder (Jen Burchett) “patriotically”

increases her profits.

The whole cast create memorable characters, but Bret Ware, as Yossarian, is near faultless in this central role.

Lighting, sound and set design each add to a highly effective show.