BY John Chapman and Jeremy Lloyd, this 1970s Cold War crisis set comedy follows the mayhem as an eccentric family, and unsuspecting others, become inadvertently trapped in their bomb shelter.

Director Tom Searle choreographs the action and handles the period, occasionally un-PC, material with confident skill, building the pace and humour with precision.

The cast is excellent, each creating distinctive and eye catching characters while working together brilliantly as an ensemble.

The play’s heart – George Jones, MP, bickering with his wife – is reminiscent of another 1970s character, Mr Basil Fawlty. The Fawlty-like sudden descent into uncontrollable rage and rant is delivered with comic perfection by Joel Jackson. He is well matched by Anita Thomson in disdainful mode as his wife Deirdre. Jay Dave, in his first theatre group role as Mr Patel the confused milkman, has riotous fun and shows a real flair for comedy.