NUFFIELD Youth Theatre’s adaption of the well-known story was a rumbustious, fast paced and fun production.

It was beautifully staged, with an attractive yet simple set, impressively choreographed fights and costumes and music that presented an edgy modern take on the period setting.

Directed by Max Lindsay with great verve, the show was populated with cleverly realised, well defined characters and engaging performances.

Jake Barinov (Porthos), Josh Oliver (Aramis) and Taylor Young (Athos) were excellent as the titular musketeers, strutting, slightly shambling figures past their sell by date.

Joel Barney made a convincingly heroic swashbuckling innocent as the hothead wannabe D’Artagnan. As King Louis, Jack Gouldbourne was an absolute delight, a petulant boy king bouncing around like a puppy demanding a game and stealing every scene.

This was a fresh and splendidly entertaining version of the tale.