DID Anastasia, youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, die with the rest of her Imperial family in 1918, or did she miraculously escape the massacre?

Several women claimed to be her: was the woman pulled from the canal in Berlin in 1920 really Anastasia?

This dark, poignant dramatic mystery was very well directed, allowing a slick pace and dialogue delivery that was fresh and living, as though being spoken in reality for the first time.

Alla Mills was excellent as the enigmatic Anastasia, drawing an authenticity from her Russian heritage, seamlessly moving between a gamut of emotions and physicalities, with Bernie Burn (Inspector) giving an empathetic performance.

The other four actors portrayed the remaining multiple characters with terrific distinctive personalities, gestures, demeanours and voices, particularly Steph Dearden and Julie Lax.

Creative lighting and effective use of tableaux enabled demarcation of venues and time spans on a minimalist, well dressed set.