EQUUS is the arousing, demonic spirit that excites and terrifies Alan (Sam Dobson) to the point where he blinds six horses.

His case is investigated by Dysart (Joel Jackson’s performance perfectly reflects the conflicts of a psychiatrist who can say “Passion... can be destroyed by a doctor. It cannot be created”), to the discomfort of his parents (Aoife Thomas’ monologue humanises her character, and Peewee Ward surpasses the comic potential of his).

Jeremy McCabe has great power as the horse at the heart of Alan’s obsession and is one of a team using masks chiefly designed by co-producer Jed Marshall, and drilled by first time choreographer Lucy Kent to great effect at the drama’s climax.

SUSU works at its very best in this superbly constructed production of Peter Shaffer’s extraordinary 1973 play, every element adding to the whole, and it’s pleasing to see such a high level of engagement with the material from all involved.