IN a land of make-believe, far, far away, a gang battle erupts between the Bad Guys and the Good Guys – until the leaders of the gangs, Bad Wolf and Miss Riding Hood, fall for each other and an uneasy truce emerges between the two groups; but can they indeed all live happily ever after?

This collective menagerie of wellloved fairytale characters have been reinvented in a satirical, topical and alternate pantomime, brought to vivid life by the witticisms of writer/director Joe Buckingham, the tuition on his codirectors and lively characterisations of the well-cast, talented actors, set within a bold picture book scenery.

Joe Curran (Rumplestiltskin), Lorna Johnson (Ugly Sister Esmerelda), Thomas Davies (Hansel), Fareed Annes (Merlin), Roshan Salgado D’Arcy (Charming) and the irrepressible pair of guards (Oliver Bray and Michael Andrews) all particularly impressed with character and comic flair, although all had their moments to shine.

Irreverently wicked fun in this very adult pantomime!