The moment we heard the instantly recognisable theme tune and saw designer Barry Matthews-Keel’s perfectly dressed multi-room set, we were transported to Torquay’s most infamous hotel, lovingly recreated in Director Camilla Burgess’s hugely enjoyable production featuring three episodes and many of the best-loved characters from perhaps the nation’s most popular ever comedy TV series.

As hen-pecked Basil, Keith Edmund brought all the right mannerisms and futile sarcasm to the roll, increasingly desperate as the evening progressed, with Pam Goldsbrough effortlessly capturing Sybil’s sharp tongue, piercing stare and cackling laugh.

Across the tightly choreographed episodes we enjoyed David Fletcher’s smooth con-man Lord Melbury, infuriatingly deaf Mrs Richards (Jackie Pilkington) and obsessive cutlery salesman Mr. Hutchinson (Peter Kelly), ably supported by Peter Mitchell’s Major Gowan, Kerry Williams’ Polly and James Bradwell’s confused yet endearing Manuel, muttering under his breath in fluent Spanish.

The week’s sold-out audience are in for a real treat.