GIMME shamore!

The killer baseline of Billie Jean thuds through the floor of the Pavilion Theatre.

Under the spotlight amid the dry ice, Sean Christopher works his magic impersonating the undisputed King of Pop.

A flick of the neck, a side-jerk of the knee, a smooth hand encircling the famous fedora hat pulled low over his eyes – he has everyone in the palm of his bejewelled glove in Thriller Live.

But it’s not just the moves - it’s the way the air is hanging, suspended, as the audience watches agog for the routine which once sent Jackson soaring into the stratosphere of stardom.

It’s probably the moment of the night. But the show, which opens with the upbeat Jackson Five numbers I Want You Back and I’ll Be There (sung with oodles of natural confidence by Cleopatra Higgins - former teen star and finalist in The Voice), is a celebration of Jackson’s prolific body of work, spanning almost half a century.

Putting aside all the things Michael Jackson was or wasn’t, did or didn’t do, the fact remains - he wrote hugely innovative, cutting edge songs with incredibly infectious hooks, brought to life by performances that were often other-worldly.

It’s a tough act to imitate, but the sparkling cast of Thriller Live capture each era perfectly, from the flares and ‘Fro’s of underground disco to the famous white gangster suit and spats in Smooth Criminal.

And did I mention the moonwalking? The precision of ‘Jackson’ and his mob gliding effortlessly across the floor in perfect unison never gets old. Nor does the part where the earth alters as they all lean at an impossible angle.

There’s a tangible camaraderie among the cast. Singers take turns under the spotlight amid energetic set pieces, and it doesn’t seem to matter that there is no plot – the iconic songs alone tell the story.

Special mention should go to Jesse Smith for his fantastic rocky performances of Beat It and Dirty Diana, and to Tyrone Lee for making everyone grin idiotically and dance along in the aisles. Director and choreographer Gary Lloyd made it all happen and he should be proud. The glitter ball, the set-pieces, the energy of the band and the dancers who gave it their all - it’s dangerously good.

  • Thriller Live continues until tomorrow night. Tickets: 0844 576 3000 or