This plush, fun production of Agatha Christie’s story features a very handsome set (designed by director Colin Hayman, Frea Nunn and Kevin Murdoch) and lovely costumes (Pam Hannan and Rae Owen) that reflect a 1940s setting and starts with a lighting effect (designed by Joel Powney) that suggests a black and white film screening, so the series of murders we witness is enveloped in the warm nostalgic glow one expects from Christie.

The pace is slowed occasionally by lulls in the script and some hesitance over lines, and a couple of the murders lack impact, but almost everyone gets a revelatory moment or two, with highlights provided by Val Greathead, religiously unforgiving, Anthony von Roretz, conscience stricken, and Kevin Murdoch, only too amused.

The romantic leads – Natasha George, débuting, and James Bradwell – are charming and share an enjoyable rapport.