SHOWSTOPPERS brings Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s complex mash-up of Grimm fairy tales triumphantly to life, with a fine band providing the music (chief nusical directors Charlie Taylor and Gem Tunley, who also conducts) and a very capable cast, each of whom adds endearing traits to the often well-known characters they portray.

Ellie Fowler, for just one example, gives great personality to Little Red Riding Hood, skilfully enacting her journey from eager innocent to a tougher character, who has learnt what perils the woods may lead to. Jeremy McCabe is the wolf, particularly amusing in the duet “Hello little girl”, but sinister with it.

Emma Bryant’s lovely voice and acting as Cinderella is memorable, and her Prince Charming (Robin Johnson), who turns out to be a faithless scoundrel, teams up to good effect with his brother prince (Andy Banks) for their number, “Agony”.

Many others deserve mention, but this is a great collaborative effort, and it’s a shame that the show’s run has already come to an end.