COMPLETING a 12-date UK tour this exciting show delighted a family matinee audience.

Five very different and accomplished magicians create an eerie, puzzling and enormously enjoyable atmosphere.

Using professional film cameras to secretly capture audience members around the theatre and also provide close-ups of the intricate tricks on overhead projection screens, adds depth and detail to the show.

Young Edward Hilsum is a traditional, old-school performer with a smooth careful style.

Fay Presto (get it? – groan!) specialises in some adroit close-up work, although her big red balloon seemed to have a mind of its own, escaping into the stage ceiling.

Making your brain ache with impressive mind reading is the astonishing Alex McAleer.

With an engaging personality and some insightful audience member revelations, McAleer is similar to Derren Brown.

Is he just a very smooth magician, a genuine mystical psychic or merely a clever conman?

Topping the bill is the charismatic double act Young and Strange. Their relationship as a duo is engaging and endearing, their chemistry developing successfully, and some of the tricks are genuinely sensational.

Their act is slick and dramatic, many illusions bafflingly top-class. How did one of them shrink into a tiny box? How did their glamorous girl assistant completely disappear?

And how did they walk through the spinning blades of a giant industrial fan?

Together with some shuddering pyrotechnics, spectacular lighting effects and atmospherically spooky stage fog, this is a wonderful magic show.