A Christmas Carol

Bishopstoke Players

Bishopstoke Memorial Hall

Despite the musical accompaniment, this Christmas show certainly did not make claims to frippery, rather to present an innovative and authentic re-imagining of the tale using only Dickens' words.

The clever, precise adaptation by Neil Bartlett was crisply directed by Rachel Craig, creating some fine dramatic moments, as well as humour and tenderness. The auditorium space was effectively utilised. Barry Kitchen deserves mention for an excellent use of sound and lighting, as do Julia Forster and Wendy Theobald-Morgan for wardrobe.

The music was spot on and directed in admirable style by Sam Dando. Emily Sandoval, who has a glorious voice, made a notable contribution.

This was a strong ensemble effort. Jon Morgan was a fittingly dominant presence as Scrooge, not overplaying the humbug element and showing his gradual change with a degree of subtlety. There were memorable turns by all of the ghosts.

Karen Robson