REVIEW: Salad Days, Studio Theatre, Salisbury

Shakespeare’s influences are everywhere this year and the phrase, borrowed from Antony and Cleopatra, refers to the youthful enthusiasm and naivety displayed here by graduates Timothy and Jane, impetuously marrying and seeking to escape the clutches of their controlling parents.

Stephanie Potts and Terry D’Onofrio combine well as the couple, eagerly accepting payment for looking after a piano, but Dorothy Reynolds and Julian Slade’s witty musical comedy contains numerous opportunities for the supporting cast to shine. Brian Waddingham plays three diverse roles, with his dancing Police Inspector the pick, duetting hilariously with John Jenner as Constable Boot.

The audience particularly enjoyed the humour of Jackie Pilkington’s beauty-parlour scene (as Lady Raeburn) as well as David Rhodes’s Cleopatra and Rowena Greenaway’s Asphynxia.

Director Camilla Burgess should be proud of her talented cast (too many to mention) and production team, with nice sets and props (including the piano) and Ute Schwarting’s piano accompaniment. A delightful evening!

Alan Johns