Chesil Theatre

Wolvesey Palace, Winchester

THIS self-penned version of “Robin Hood” has elements of “Into the Woods” both literally (stunning outdoor location!) and metaphorically, with familiar fairy tales and stories woven into the more traditional story of good vs evil, with all the yarns tied up at the end. The staging, lighting, sound and costumes deserve a mention, and the stage trickery was something else, drawing its own applause. The script was action-packed as was the carefully choreographed on-stage fighting, as a believable Robin (Alec Walters) battled with the supercilious Sheriff (Peter Andrews), who got right into character. The band of merry men were a delight and Marion (Eleanor Marsden) played the feisty love interest to perfection, with her maid, Bess (Christina Pye) delivering her lines with a Northern bluntness that was comedy gold. There were lots of clever elements, the script was great and the show flowed well. What else do you need?

Rebecca Case