Studio Theatre

The Studio Theatre, Salisbury

THE action is set in the home of Mrs Wilberforce (Theo Ross), as refined crook and lodger, Professor Marcus (Alistair Faulkner) gathers together an odd assortment of fellow thieves to carry out his money-making heist. The comedy comes alive due to the interpersonal relationships. In this case supported by one of the most impressive set and props I have ever seen in a small theatre (Alistair Faulkner, Rachel Fletcher, George Fleming, Jill Redston). The flawless cast are utterly convincing, providing representation and parodies of every type of low life you could ever hope not to meet. Faulkner is gentile and cunning and his comrades, wired Harry (Stew Taylor), cross-dressing Major Courtney (Keith Edmund), insensate One-Round (David Taylor) and old-lady phobic, Louis (Paul Chalmers) rival and compliment his talent. Director, Colin Hayman clearly has a vision and while It never quite reaches the dark depths of the film, despite the body count, for frivolous fun with a twist, you could do much worse.

Rebecca Case