Eastleigh Operatic and Musical Society

The Point

DIRECTORS Janet Green and Carole Lilly’s variety show featured selections from fourteen musical theatre productions performed by a talented company of varied ages and experience. So, with Nigel Finch’s fine orchestra in the pit the emphasis was on the singers and the songs. It took Rosie Mellett to up the first-half standard with Rizzo’s lament from Grease, Mick Attwood’s Count Your Blessings was equally good and Carly Townsend delivered an impassioned Still Hurting from The Last Five Years. Nancy Longland impressed in the Carousel sequence before Carole Lilly led a wonderful ensemble version of You’ll Never Walk Alone. The second-act opened with a spellbinding rendition of Beauty and the Beast and I also really liked Eve Lethbridge, Jamie Jones and Meg Jounet’s Make Him Mine from The Witches of Eastwick and Amber Wilson’s Once You Lose Your Heart from Me and My Girl. The finale, Rhythm of Life, was a tremendous all-action showstopper.

Alan Johns